TIME OR MONEYTHE CHALLENGE ISN’T TIME OR MONEY I’ve been interested in and teaching nutrition principles to friends and relatives for a long time- ever since I learned from personal experience what bring health, and what hinders it. But my sharing my knowledge with them wasn’t enough.

The Real Challenge

For one thing, I couldn’t begin sharing with them the things I was learning because our understanding of the processes and tools was different, but there was also a gap in my experience and knowledge that could only take my sharing so far. I wanted to be in a place to educate and assist others in developing skills and abilities to improve their own health. I felt like I was stranded on an island, and yet I could see the metropolis of where I wanted to be in the distance, but didn’t have the boat to get me there.

A New Community

In October 2017 I was invited to join a community of health coaches that shared a specific weight-loss program with individuals desiring to shed pounds and develop healthy habits. As soon as I began coaching in this program, I acquired my own personal coach, who had his own personal coach, and so on. I was no longer alone, and began feeling more like I could do more to help others. All because I had someone in my corner, cheering me on. This is what I had been wanting to do for so long! I had a family, but knew I could balance my time between my little ones and this new-found purpose. It cost me an initial investment of money as well, but after discussing it with my husband, found the return to be quick and beneficial.

Amy’s Wrap Up

After all, it’s what I had wanted to do- so money was no question for something of greater value than I was investing. Any change we desire to make will cost us. And I was finally on my way to my happy place of purpose and service.

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