What matters mostWhat MattersĀ Most

This week I attended the funeral of a man who has been a friend to me and my husband for over 10 years- since our first year of marriage. We forged a bond as our living and educational circumstances were similar, and we relied on each other akin to family.

What Matters

As time has past, experience has taken us different places and our contact with him and his family has been sporadic, but each time we re-connected, we picked up right where we had left off, which only strengthened our friendship.

Unbeknownst to us however, what he had been feeling, experiencing, and struggling with were hidden from us. There was a huge gap between what we had remembered, and present-day reality.

I learned two things both beautiful and tragic that day: both life and death had brought together friends and family who were connected by one person. And it took losing that one person to bring us back together, to re-connect us, and to help us remember what matters most.

Amy’s Wrap Up

What matters most in life obviously differs from individual to individual, yet this one thing remains a constant:

We each progress and change based on what we choose to remember from our past.
What we choose to remember in the present, becomes our priority.
And, what we remember we want to achieve or become shapes our future.

Remembering ultimately shapes our destiny.